Sewer Experts

McComb Contracting LLC are your premier Sewer Experts of Michigan. Providing the following Sewer services:

Maintain Your Sewers

You may not realize it, but as a homeowner you are responsible for paying for repairs to the sewer lines running from your home to the street. In most cases those lines were put in place years ago when your home was originally built. A sewer backup is a traumatic situation which sometimes causes property damage and at the least stinks up the house. A sewage backup does not mean that your pipes are broken. Call McCOMB Contracting for a FREE Estimate to clean out your pipes and to inspect their condition. Using advanced technology such as Sewer Video Cameras we will be able to give you a complete evaluation on the condition of your pipe.

Sewer Cleaning & Repair

When sewer issues arise they can pose problems for you and your property. We are here to inspect and repair any troublesome sewer pipes, no matter the difficulty. Some common sewer defects are bellied pipes, broken pipes, cracked pipes, collapsed pipes, corroded pipes, foreign objects, misaligned and offset pipes. Our experience with detecting these problems will assure that the repair goes as smoothly as possible.

Sewer Remove & Install

You deserve the absolute best when it comes to dealing with any of the many sewer problems that can arise, often unexpectedly. Our sewer experts and technicians are not only knowledgeable and professional; they have have the expertise to fix, replace and repair any problem that you may encounter, from simple to complex. You can feel comfortable knowing you have our satisfaction guarantee. We are not satisfied unless you are.

Video Sewer Inspections

With modern video equipment the interior of the pipe may be inspected – this is a form of non-destructive testing. Pipeline video inspection is a form of telepresence used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines. This method can prevent unnecessary digging and is a vital tool to properly identifying the problem. Save yourself time and money by choosing to have your sewers inspected using a Sewer Video Camera.